Monday, April 2, 2012

The Magic of New Life

This morning I basked in the magic of new life. My new nephew cradled in my arms hummed with energy. I am not usually a spiritual person, I have faith but when talking of magic and energy I had forgotten how much a new baby brings your mood up. My children are now 8 and 6 so It has been a while since I felt the new life buzz. Nursing Flynn this morning, swaying as he slept in my arms, I felt all of the tension leave my body. I felt better than I have most mornings. Getting two kids up out of bed and ready at 6:30 in the morning is hard, it pulls your mood down before you even have a chance to wake up properly. So with this morning boost from my gorgeous nephew I have sparked an idea for another novel.
Desmoree is finished and awaiting some awesome publisher to snatch her up, so there is no better time to start a novel that could potentially carry on after her. 'A broken life' will be a stand alone novel that has mutual caracters from 'Mortimers dream' Desmorees story. Hopefully the first draft can be done in a few weeks. With my daily jolt of new life buzz I don't see why it wont.
Untill next time.
Happy writing.

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