Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mia or Desmoree who will win the battle for my attention.

I've been neglectful of late towards my two girls. With a full time job (which sadly is not writing) and children to contend with I have had no time for final edits of Desmoree or continuing my WIP Mia. Hopefully as today is slow at work I may get to one of them. Mia being so young will probably win the battle. Her wit and enthusiasm should perk up my interest in continuing her story. Desmoree is a fighter though, and her sass and charm might put up a good fight.
It will be a bloodbath till the end. Only one will win the day. Will it be Mia or Desmoree who stands victorious in my mind? Who will achieve the great task of capturing my attention? Well for now Mia is in the lead but Desmoree might make a sudden comeback.
Check in later for the conclusion to this epic battle.


  1. The winner.....an outsider who snuck in and stole my attention completly. The name....beautiful chaos. Was it worth it....HELL YES.
    This third book in the series is far superior than the two that preceded it. It's writing in engaging and its story addictive.
    A must read!