Sunday, March 4, 2012

The death and rebirth of my obsession with books.

There was a time, long long ago, not as far back as dinosaurs walking the earth, though it might as well have been; that I forever had a book in my hands. Then a asteroid obliterated my desire to read by instilling ground shattering migraines.

It all happened so slowly that I barely saw it coming, it was like pressing slow motion as it plummeted down upon me. First I would wake with a slight headache after reading the night before, until finally I was being awoken by a thumping head.

I reduced my reading dramatically, now taking two to three days to Finnish a book instead of one. But this did not help.

Finally I just stopped reading. (that is except for the final dark swan book Shadow Heir, I took a bullet gladly for that one)

But that all was until my knight (also known as my husband), found something I had lost long ago.

My glasses.

My desire had been reborn, I hesitantly opened a book I had bought months earlier but in fear of the pounding aftermath I had not yet read. ( and yes I still bought many a book after the death of my obsession) I teased back the title page, getting my first glimpse of the words that would soon have me whisked away into a land of unknown delights.
After ten or so pages I placed it down, removed my glasses and waited.

And the world killer asteroid did not come.

The rebirth is upon me. I will build up the page length day by day; hopefully returning to the book a day obsession I once knew and loved.

What can I say, obsession is a prerequisite when you love the written word as we do.

Till next time,
Happy reading.


  1. HOORAY FOR READING! *throws confetti*

    Thankfully, I've never experienced headaches/nausea/anything nasty from reading and hopefully I never will. I guess in the worst case scenario, I could listen to audiobooks ;) Loved this post!