Sunday, February 12, 2012


Whilst re-reading my WIP for the ten billionth time, I realised that, though my characters are what you would call fairies, they are in no way like the ones I grew up reading about. I think i would relate them more to the flesh eating tooth fairies in Hell Boy. Granted mine do not look like evil alien wingged things, but they do hold some of the same verrosity.
My mind then began to question how 'good' fairies really are.

Lets start with Tinkerbell, the first Fairy i read as a child. She flits into the room without invitation, sprinkles her dust on you and helps convince you to run away from home to a magical land with no parents. Not mentioning that there is crocodiles that eat you whole and a pirate that if he doesnt try to kill you will try to make you a pirate too. Now dont get me wrong, I still love Peter Pan and I do let my children J1 and J2 watch the movie Hook, but it did make me wonder is Tinkerbell good or bad?
She can be very mean such as when Peter translates for Wendy "She says you are a great [huge] ugly girl." now that to me shows that the good fairy tinkerbell is not really very nice.

The second questionable fairy i read as a child is The blue fairy from Pinocchio. Now this tricky fairy makes Pinocchio into a real boy but with a nose that will continue to grow whenever he tells a lie. This has led to many of us parents telling our children that the same will happen to them if they lie, therefore the blue fairy has incited many a parent to lie to their children. Good or bad?

I guess with all fairies there is room for interpretation into their behavior.

The tooth fairy is one such fairy I always considered to be good. But on further investigation it appears that this may not be so. She sneaks into your child's room and takes the tooth from under their pillow. Yes she leaves money in return but it's the sneaking part that is not so nice. Also you have to wonder what the hell she needs so many teeth for, is she creating a giant tooth monster? Now that would be cool.

So it seems that My characters belong to a the group of questionable fairies already alive in our history and our reading.

Well now it's off to read it for the then million and one time and hopefully this eternal WIP will one day be complete.

Happy reading


  1. Don't I know how that is?! WIPs suck.

    Also, what about the Fairy Queen from A Midsummer's Night Dream? She makes me LOL

  2. I could have gone on and on about the different fairies in literature and movies. I haven't opened des in so long. I will have to do it today. I still have to add the mammoth beasts and adjust a few other things.