Saturday, February 11, 2012


Since we are just starting out here in the land of blogging I thought we would begin from the beginning.
My son J1 was nice enough to let me know that "No one reads books to have fun." now granted he is 9 and his experience with reading; due to soccer, scooters, football, hip-hop lessons and homework; much to my dismay, is limited. 
He is one of the many children who do not understand being lost in the written word. He will read articles on Rey Mysterio and John Cena, but wont pick up a Harry Potter book, even with the enticement of a double serve of desert. He knows his mother is a writer, as well as the other many hats I wear, so his informing me of the lack of fun obtained from reading, was apparently supposed to help. But unlike J1, I love to read, I love being taken away in the stories I read, seeing the characters live out their lives, take on their demons and survive, succeed, triumph, or die. 
J1 will understand one day. Maybe. Until then I will continue to do what I love. 
I will work hard, I will love the written word, I will enjoy life and all it throws at me and I will write all of the weird and wacky things that grow in my mind down so that those of you who do believe in the fun of reading, can have a little fun with me.


  1. Lol J1 WAS raised around those uncles of his. Now get me more Mia! :)

  2. You can have more Mia when I write more Mia. If you want to talk about more, lets talk about more Jenna!

  3. Bahaha. I've given you like 20 chapters to your one. That last chapter was more like two as well...

  4. Harry Potter was, is, and always will be legendary in book history.
    To do your son justice though, its definitely not just him. It's "that" whole generation, where the looks not the books get the girls.

  5. My boys have the looks thanks to their father but I want them to read books as much as they can. J2 looks like he might develop the bug that bit me as a child as he has a lot of stories to tell.